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  Re: Car study  
From: scott
Date: 1 Jun 2006 20:44:37
> http://rene.bui.free.fr/rb/digi/gal17/micra3_08.jpg
> http://rene.bui.free.fr/rb/digi/gal17/micra_19.jpg
> http://rene.bui.free.fr/rb/digi/gal17/micra_21.jpg
> http://rene.bui.free.fr/rb/digi/gal17/micra_22.jpg
> Some wires:
> http://rene.bui.free.fr/wip2_en.html
> For those who are really interested, here is a pov file (very fat):
> http://rene.bui.free.fr/free_en.html

Good work, I'm actually working on modelling a BMW 130i in Wings at the 
moment.  If you don't know already, here is a really great site for CG cars 
with some very impressive work.


Example of some of the pro stuff from that site:



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