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  Re: "New Surface Subdivision Suite" examples  
From: Tor Olav Kristensen
Date: 30 Aug 2004 23:46:49
John VanSickle wrote:
> Tor Olav Kristensen wrote:
>> Btw.: Is there a way to make "inner" edges as sharp
>> as outer edges ? (See attached image.) I have tried
>> to specify sharp values for such "inner" edges, but
>> they don't seem get sharp at all.
> The on-line docs contain an error.  A sharpness of -1 causes the
> sharpness to be *on* for all levels of subdivision, and not off (as the
> page erroneously states).

Ok. Then I must have understood it right, even if it
was written wrong.

I have tried to specify different sharpness values
"manually" for such "inner" edges, but I'm still not
able to get them sharp.

Tor Olav

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