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From: Gilles Tran
Date: 15 May 2002 17:34:10
Here's a little pic I made.
- Terragen sky. Actually, it's a terragen-made panorama linked to the sun
- isosurface terrain (ridged multifractal)
- xfrog plants : for those who don't know it, xfrog can be described as
Poser for plants, with animation and modelling abilities.
(http://www.xfrog.com, fully-functional 30-day trial version available).
Some of the plants (the tree, the dandelion) are derived from the models
bundled with the software and I made others (imaginary ones...). Norbert
Kern's IRTC winner "warm up" used a lot of xfrog trees. Here there are
around 17000 plants.
- 2cv car by De Espona, with some parts remodelled in Rhino. Rust texture
borrowed from HE Day.
- low quality radiosity (runs quite fast in fact, 8 hours at 1200*1600 on my
The image was rendered with assumed_gamma = 1. The gamma and contrast were
adjusted by post-processing. It could use more contrast actually. I couldn't
get rid of that painterly look but it's not so bad after all.


- Graphic experiments
- POV-Ray and Poser computer images
- Posters

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