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  Music Video Project  
From: Dave Blandston
Date: 10 Apr 2021 20:25:00
Message: <web.607240c8c138faf79416a1f9334df62@news.povray.org>
Greetings Friends,

More than ten years ago I made a scene that I didn't think turned out quite
right so I set it aside until recently. I re-worked some of the textures and
made some improvements. One of the improvements was to change the flag from a
flat box with fake shadows to simulate ripples (not very convincing) to a mesh2
object. Since the mesh2 is easily animatable with a simple sine function that
led to this animation:


The message of the image is anti-war and it's based on the Metallica song
Disposable Heroes, so I've decided to add the music to the animation and try
animating the inside (currently green) portion of the Metallica logo. My goal is
to animate the logo in such a manner that the animation is synchronized with the
music, similar to the visualizations in Windows Media Player and other music
players. It will be a big job to do by hand. One thing that would help would be
a software application that would analyze the music and generate a list of exact
times when a change occurs in the music and save the list as a text file that
POV-Ray could read, but creating a program that does that is beyond my ability
so I will try doing it by hand. There are endless possibilities so this will be
a fun project! One thing that I have working at this point is using video frames
as the pigment for one or more letters of the logo at a time, which can be
combined with procedural textures.

Kind regards,
Dave Blandston

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