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  Re: Planetary fly-overs with height-fields  
From: Mätes
Date: 22 Nov 2020 11:05:00
Hi Yadgar,

the original pictures are all 8-bit greyscale, and to convert them into 16-bit
didnt help. I want to ask a co-worker if there are some Gimp-Filters to better
them, maybe that helps. At them moment there are only 265 steps in height, hope
that I can smooth them a littlebit.

To get better pics I have to invest many hours of look and search in the
internet, there was no time for this in the past month.

Your movie looks nice, more detailed than mine.
I plan to check out meshes to but didnt start with it.
Do you have a skript as a starting-point for me?

Yes, I am from cologne, you're right.
I have a small personal blog but my website is down at the moment.
Will inform the povray-world when its online again :)


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