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From: Stephen
Date: 28 Jun 2018 20:10:48
On 28/06/2018 20:13, Bald Eagle wrote:
> It's more of a sporting activity referring to hitting the intended area.
> Don't rush - take your time.  That makes things smooth.  The smoother it is, the
> faster it will be when you speed it up.
> You can be the_fastest_  person to miss the target 1000 times.... no score.

That reminds me of an article that I read years (decades?) ago. It was 
about the difference between young and older ball player’s reaction 
times. The younger less experienced players with fast reaction times 
would run and jump to catch the ball straight away. Whilst older players 
would look and think before they did anything. More often than not the 
older player would (statistically) be the better.

When I used to work for a living. I was part of a “first responder” 
team. I think that is what it is called nowadays. We were certainly 
taught to look before we leapt.



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