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  Re: AL walking, stopping and turning - Final 2  
From: Rune
Date: 2 Jan 2002 14:03:53
Message: <3c335999@news.povray.org>
I've slightly changed the animation. Nothing big - I haven't yet been able
to make that short step longer - but a few minor changes.

I've made AL chew a gum as Dave suggested, I've made a slight breathing
motion for him which isn't really noticeably, but which nonetheless makes
him seem slightly less stiff, and I've modified the ground texture to avoid

The new version has replaced the old one on my website, so it's available
from the same place.

3D images and anims, include files, tutorials and more:
Rune's World:    http://rsj.mobilixnet.dk (updated Jan 2)
POV-Ray Users:   http://rsj.mobilixnet.dk/povrayusers/
POV-Ray Webring: http://webring.povray.co.uk

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