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  Re: I want a pair of boots like those!  
From: Rune
Date: 29 Dec 2001 07:33:14
Message: <3c2db80a$1@news.povray.org>
"Rick [Kitty5]" wrote:
> > How do you control speed?
> not sure, i only messed with it for half an
> hour round a mates house :)

> > And does it work on non-plain surfaces? :)
> I would assume so as the 'foot prints' have full freedom
> of movement, it might just be fiddly getting them placed

FYI my approach is quite different. The step positions are calculated
automatically. The path is simply controlled using a single spline (or a
mathematically defined path if you prefer). The splines in POV-Ray has
support to control the time values for each control point, and that's how
you control the speed.

It has some advantages. First of all, my system knows much more about how
step positions should be placed than the user do! ;)

But you'll probably also like it if you need to make a very long path. And
if you at one point need to completely change that path! It's as simple as
changing the spline path.

Also, as indicated, my system has natural support for uneven surfaces. No
need to fiddle with the individual steps, it's all done automatically!

> > And how do you control all the motions in the walk cycle
> > such as body and arm movement?
> there are loads of 'walk styles' that determin the
> movements of the rest of the body - there not amazing,
> intended to give you a good start i think

That's the weakness of my system. I haven't been able to come up with a
user-friendly way to define walk cycle movements. It's rather difficult
currently. :(

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