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  Re: I want a pair of boots like those!  
From: Rick [Kitty5]
Date: 29 Dec 2001 06:31:28
Message: <3c2da990$3@news.povray.org>
> How do you control speed?

not sure, i only messed with it for half an hour round a mates house :)

> And how do you control all the motions in the walk cycle such as body and
> arm movement?

there are loads of 'walk styles' that determin the movements of the rest of
the body - there not amazing, intended to give you a good start i think

> And does it work on non-plain surfaces? :)

don't know - I only did some walking in circles, up and down stairs etc

I would assume so as the 'foot prints' have full freedom of movement, it
might just be fiddly getting them placed



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