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  Re: Spider Crawling Along a Path 2  
From: Batronyx
Date: 4 Nov 2001 10:15:59
Message: <3be55baf@news.povray.org>
"Rune" <run### [at] mobilixnetdk> wrote in message
> Here's an improved version. No time to comment right now. There's some
> errors in this one that I didn't manage to fix yet, but they're not very
> visible because the legs are moving rather fast.
> Rune
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I'm very impressed with your various walking routines. I would have to put in
much work before I could come up with anything even close. Given that, I hate to
offer any critical feedback. Since you asked for some on the last anim, I'll
offer this: Some of the legs on the inside turns seem to have only minimal
forward motion, so they look like they're just moving up and down in place.
Perhaps you could add a test to set CurPoint to PrevPoint if the distance
between PrevPoint and NextPoint is below some threshold. You may have already
done this at some point, because I don't notice this behavior in your Quintoped.

Batronyx ^"^

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