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  Re: Walking Along a Path WIP1  
From: Rune
Date: 25 Oct 2001 08:58:07
Message: <3bd80c5f@news.povray.org>
"John VanSickle" wrote:
> The overall one takes two splines, a given time,
> an offset into the spline, an upper and lower bound,
> the step length, the time needed to make the step,
> the time to wait between steps, the up direction,
> and the offset of the foot's place from the path,
> and from this generates the location of the foot at
> any given time.

Sounds very similar to my approach in several aspects.

Things that may differ:

Your method takes an offset into the spline - with my macro this is a
property of the spline, i.e. for a given time value a given point is

Your method takes a step length - with mine the step length is variable, and
gets longer at higher speeds. Of course you can specify the time/length
relation, but it will always adjust to the speed of the spline. How does
your method work with regard to variable speed walking?

> I use two splines, one for the direction the model is
> walking and the other for the direction the model is
> facing as it walks, so that models can walk sideways,
> backwards, and turn as they walk.

That's funny, I've been planning to do exactly the same!

> Simulating a human walk is much more ambitious...

Well, I'm aiming for a general solution that can be used for practically any
walking thing, from humans to animals to weird robots...

I'd be interested in hearing more details about your approach! :)

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