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  Re: Walking Along a Path WIP1  
From: Rune
Date: 22 Oct 2001 17:40:23
Message: <3bd49247@news.povray.org>
"Greg M. Johnson" wrote:
> 1) That WalkPath is a spiral; it seemed to me like
> your anim was of an intersecting loop.

Guess what happens if you draw a spiral from the outside towrds the center
and continues to draw after you've reached the center. In the middle of the
spiral you'll get an intersecting loop! (The Time value doesn't start at
zero, but from a negative value.) :)

> 2) Regarding your help to TonyB's idea for a new blobmon.
>    On January 13, 2001, I posted an anim of a system I'll
>    give away in a heartbeat.
>    news://news.povray.org/3a6e4923%40news.povray.org

I'll have a look at it, but if I use it it will probably be bits and bytes
here and there rather than the whole thing, as I have specific plans for the

> It has:
> a) FK & IK capabilities for both hands & arms.

This could maybe be used as one of the alternative posing interfaces.

> b) construction based on painstaking copying of
>    coordinates from anatomical skeletons.

I'll have a good look at that!

> d) body parts move via transforms thus allowing blobs or
>    CSG or whatever.

Naturally that's how I've been working all the way too, as it's the only
method flexible enough. :)

> Then only catch as written is that the user have to
> declare a headobject, forearmobject, etc. Good for
> versatility, a pain to model

I may be able to come up with workarounds to this. Or at least tips and
tricks how to ease the modeling.

Thanks for your contribution.

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