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  Re: Walking Along a Path WIP1  
From: Rune
Date: 19 Oct 2001 17:01:13
Message: <3bd09499@news.povray.org>
"Greg M. Johnson" wrote:
> A given property of this server is that whatever
> I'm working on in its earliest stages, Rune has
> already finished and published.  ;)

Well, your recent postings with your animated character inspired me to get
started on this walking business again. There have also been other times
where I've been inspired by you, for example back when you worked on that
flocking system. There's constant competition around here - I also see that
lots of people are working on particle systems now, just like I've been

> Amazing work!

Thanks! :)

> I was trying something like that, but was so lazy as merely
> to rotate the straight-line-walking character around a huge
> arc, introducing minute feet slippage that I hoped no one
> would notice...

My approach is radically different as you probably can tell... :)

> Q: what kind of spline works for you now?  I resorted to
> linear ones a year or so ago and your recent complaints
> about the one in 3.5 gives me no incentive to "upgrade."

In the animation I've just posted no splines were used at all, only simple
math operations.

But later on when I need more complex motion I'll probably use the cubic
splines in POV-Ray 3.5 despite the limitations. I only hope that the bugs
will soon be fixed.

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