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  Re: Walking Along a Path WIP1  
From: Rune
Date: 18 Oct 2001 21:36:22
Message: <3bcf8396@news.povray.org>
"Reusser" wrote:
> Despite the simplified walk, it looks pretty good.
> You did a great job of simulating the way a real
> non-linear walk looks.

Thank you! :)

> (I tried walking around the room a couple of times.)

Talk about it! Walking in small circles continuously while studying my feet
made me dizzy a few times!

> Amazingly, I was just beginning to work on the character
> I had made a while ago in order to make little guys walk
> through the mirror puzzle I posted in p.b.i.

Sounds like a neat idea. *That* will make him think hard! ;)

> Keep up the great work!

You too!

> I would assume that it is clock-based, right?


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