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  Re: Walking Along a Path WIP1  
From: Reusser
Date: 23 Oct 2001 19:15:48
Message: <231020011810105072%reu1000@chorus.net>
In article <3bd09499@news.povray.org>, Rune wrote:

> But later on when I need more complex motion I'll probably use the cubic
> splines in POV-Ray 3.5 despite the limitations. I only hope that the bugs
> will soon be fixed.

I've been too busy with homework to really keep up on everything, so I
haven't heard all about the limitations of splines in 3.5, but I have a
question about how you would accomplish this.  How would you keep the
motion at a constant speed?  Splines generally do not have a constant
velocity vector along them.  Wouldn't a cubic spline make the walk/run
speed up and slow down?  Would the character go from a walk to a run as
it speeds up?

 - Rico

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