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  Re: Visual Studio 2017 or 2019  
From: Mr
Date: 27 Dec 2021 04:00:00
Message: <web.61c97fe25784b33916086ed03f378f2@news.povray.org>
"Mr" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> "Mr" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> > I also tried adding the following as a *.reg file, but the result doesn't
> > change:
> [...]
> I was very surprised to find out here that I could move this a step further by
> just adding a \help directory at the same lavel as my compiled \bin64 dir,
> couldn't this be created by default ?
> I had found the tip here,

Sorry, things were actually simpler than I thought, since every such
prerequisite folder already existed in the "distribution" folder, I just had to
run the built exe once with /INSTALL command line parameter followed by
distribution folder. This adds every needed registry key, and the render then
worked as smoothly as one could expect!

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