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  Re: v3.7 v3.8 image compare  
From: jr
Date: 2 Oct 2020 07:05:01
Message: <web.5f7708169b9dedbc4d00143e0@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> On 10/1/20 10:52 AM, jr wrote:
> >> "jr" <cre### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> >> ...
> > the "problem" with the existing code is that the same command-line is built for
> > both (POV-Ray) executables.  to build version-specific command-lines I need
> > additional information about which CLI option came into use when.  so far I
> > have:
> >
> > v 3.8 - ac am3 cc ss
> >
> > v 3.7 - ag bm2 bs gp hr mi wt
> >
> > does anyone ("hey WFP"  ;-)) know of a list of new option switches, by POV-Ray
> > version?  can anyone (please) help by adding stuff I missed?  also, ideally, I'd
> > like info going back to at least v 3.5.  TIA.
> >
> The documentation for v3.8 is pretty good,


> but still over the past
> decade or more the tendency has been to leave the flag and ini parsing
> in place so old stuff keeps running. Sometimes you get a warning the
> feature is obsolete or something, but not always. What I see happening
> is folks continuing to use flags which have long not worked. To no large
> harm for long time users, but I think stuff like this is really
> confusing to newer users.

am surprised that there is no (simple) table of features/switches by version.

> The best I can easily offer is the povr source code and the files:

thanks.  "bedtime reading".  :-)

> ... If the flag no longer does anything, povr dies. ...

think that should be the default anyway, and for POV-Ray "proper".

> ...Remember any ini option can be specified on the command line and a few
> ini options have no short flags - File_Gamma is one of those I hit
> pretty often.

yes.  the "favourite" 'declare=X=Y' came in at 3.5, as did, apparently writing
jpg and tiff.

that's another item I'd like to establish a "time line" for -- output image

> I also change the flags as specified to lower case over upper ...


> ...
> Aside: I've played a little with now extended and perhaps eventually,
> replacement options parsing. One of the things you run into for example
> is someone can have coded up +am5 accidentally. No errors, no warnings.
> In v3.7 this, IIRC, defaults to am2. In recent v3.8, it defaults to am3.
> Folks can get differences in result and not easily know why (that AA
> changed is in the output - if you happen to have both handy to compare).
> With povr, if you specify +am5, you get:
> Command line parameter: +am5
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'pov_base::Exception'
>    what():  Must have trailing integer values of 1,2 or 3 as in +am2.
> Aborted (core dumped)
> The core dump isn't ideal, but I'll take it over no error at all.

not ideal perhaps, but the correct course of action, imnsvho  :-).  and
(repeating myself) POV-Ray too ought to behave that way.

thanks for reply and pointers (to files).

regards, jr.

note if anyone's playing with the 'cmpimg' s/ware, below is a list of (three)
changes to 'mkcmpimg.tcl'[*] which will generate "diff" images (thanks, AH) too.

[*] reverse order so line numbers aren't affected.

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

insert as new line 130:
  ccmd $rcd(scene)

insert as new line 49ff:
proc ccmd {s} {
  global cfg rt
  set f1 [format %s_%s.png [lindex $rt(tags) 0] $s]
  set f2 [format %s_%s.png [lindex $rt(tags) 1] $s]
  set f3 [format cid_%s.png $s]
  set c [format $cfg(comp) $f1 $f2 $f3]
  set cmd [list exec -ignorestderr {*}$c]
  catch {{*}$cmd}

insert as new line 9:
  comp  {compare %s %s -highlight-color red %s}

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