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  Re: tuple in dict  
From: jr
Date: 28 Nov 2018 04:15:01
Message: <web.5bfe5bdd6924cc99783c249c0@news.povray.org>

ingo <ing### [at] tagpovrayorg> wrote:
> in news:web.5bfd56506924cc99783c249c0@news.povray.org jr wrote:
> > if you write:
> > [...]
> Thanks. Thats what I started with, but read somewhere the [2] can be
> omitted for one dimensional arrays,

yes, a new feature.  I think though that such arrays cannot be initialised where
they're declared  (clipka?).

fwiw, I used such arrays in 'queues.inc', have a look (posted in
text.scene-files, on Nov 6th).

regards, jr.

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