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  installer POV-Ray 3.7 beta 38 issues  
From: stevenvh
Date: 31 Jul 2010 08:50:01
I have a few issues with the 3.7 beta 38 installer.

1. Under WinXP beta 38 gets installed under "C:\documents and
settings\user\application data". This folder is for application *DATA*, not for
applications. Actually I like to choose myself where I install my programs,
which I could with beta 37, but not with beta 38. It looks like a new installer
is created for each new beta. Isn't it possible to re-use installers and just
fix the bugs?

2. The uninstaller (for both beta 37 and 38) deletes the settings from the "My
Documents" folder. Isn't the whole idea of placing them there to retain them
when a new version is installed?


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