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  Re: beta 30 Pause broken when animation rendering  
From: Bridgeofstraws
Date: 14 Jan 2009 22:35:00
Message: <web.496eae55227a5eedc5ec9c90@news.povray.org>
"Bob Hughes" <omniverse charter net> wrote:
> This seemed a familiar problem from the past but I didn't find any reference
> to it here, except for changes.txt stating beta 4 had improved cancel/pause
> (possibly something related in beta 20 too?).
> There could be some difference between parsing and rendering when Pause is
> used, but I experienced both cause POV to stop without any error messages.
> Must exit and wait for Windows to ask what to do.
> Not getting the same when non-animations are Paused, so that seems OK.

I'm a afraid i can't help here.

> And, strange coincidence or not, I was going to check this in
> 3.6.1c.icl8.w32 and it won't even start animations. I tried one as simple as
> this to find out if it always happens:
> //cmd:-w320 -h240 -ki0 -kf1 -kfi1 -kff50
> sphere { <1-clock,0,3>, 1 pigment { rgb 1 } finish {ambient 1}}
> Haven't done this using my other computer with XP so this was in Vista.
> Fairly certain this wasn't happening in times past.
> AMD Turion X2 dual core processor, if that matters.
> Bob

However, I do know how to solve this! =)  All you have to do is go to the
properties of the "pvengine.exe" and under the compatibility tab you must
checkmark "Disable visual themes".  This hopefully helps.  Let me know if it
doesn't and maybe I can help further.  (I'm becoming fairly proficient with
fixing Vista compatability because of all the practice I get from using so many
"apparently" incompatable programs)


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