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  wallstucco.pov : crackle problem  
From: jva
Date: 23 Dec 2006 06:20:00
Message: <web.458d0fbb495005281bd6cd0c0@news.povray.org>
When rendering the wallstucco scene the renderer never proceeds beyond
parsing & bounding (beta 18, sse2, on a dual core system). The renderer
just continues using up processortime (according to task manager) and the
rendertime in the statusbar keeps increasing. The STOP button doesn't work
anymore but for the rest the program responds normally to user interaction.
Closing the program works, but gives - after a while - a Visual C++ runtime
error "application requested runtime to terminate in an unusual way", after
which processor time consumption stops.

After some detectivework the problem appears to originate from the
pigment_map in the Wall declaration, and more precisely due to the crackle
pattern used.

The following minimal scene gives a similar problem:

camera { location 5*y look_at 0 }

light_source { <10,10,0> color rgb 1 }

sphere {
  0, 1
  pigment {
    colour_map {
      [0 color rgb 1]
      [0.5 color rgb x]

Only now the render produces a complete image on screen which is not saved,
but the render time keeps on increasing forever and processortime keeps
being used without change. Stopping behaviour as above. When any other
pattern is used instead of crackle the scene renders as expected.


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