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  Issues with Trace-command and Isosurface  
From: Schwan379
Date: 18 Oct 2006 15:20:01
Message: <web.45367d932f1ac4de72d86b490@news.povray.org>
In my Scene I use an Isosurface as Ground and places gras, stones, old
leaves, etc with help of the trace-command.

i) On Pov 3.6.1c it works, but in Pov 3.7 (Beta 15 and 16) the Objects
didn't hit the Ground - it seems, as the Objects as once has been rotatet.

ii) If I use 2 Trace - commands and 2 Target objects (1 for Position and 1
for the Places where "not to plant gras"), the objects hit the ground - but
the free places has moved. It looks like a rotation, ~ the same Amount as in
With Pov 3.6 the method works correctly.

No File at the Moment. If someone needs one, I will see, that I can tackle
down the Scene to the Problem - at the Moment it is far to big to be

By the way: With the new bounding Method I achieved a speedup of >50 times
in this scene (ok, there are still lots of render-errors due to the
Problems with transparency)

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