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From: clipka
Date: 17 Jan 2019 12:51:31
Message: <5c40c0a3$1@news.povray.org>
Now with support for installed fonts (currently Windows only):



       text {
         sys "Font Name" [FONT_STYLE_MODIFIER...]
         Thickness, <Offset>

       bold | italic

where "Font Name" is the official name of a font (e.g. "Times New 
Roman") installed on the system. By default, the "regular" variant of 
the font will be selected; specifying `bold`, `italic` or both will 
instead select the bold, italic or bold-italic variant, respectively.

Note that `bold` and `italic` only work as expected if there are actual 
dedicated bold/italic font faces installed. POV-Ray will currently /not/ 
synthesize faux bold or faux italic outlines from the regular font face.

Also, `bold` and `italic` are limited to this new variant of the syntax, 
and are /not/ allowed with the classic `ttf` (or `internal`) syntax variant.

At present, the mechanism may produce surprising results if an exact 
match for the font name is not found.

As indicated above, the mechanism is currently only fully implemented 
for the Windows platform. The syntax /per se/ is accepted on other 
platforms as well, but no fonts will be found, leading to a parse error 
or, at this point, probably even a crash.

If anyone wants to pick up the glove of implementing the corresponding 
functionality for Unix, have a look at `platform/unix/osfontresolver.cpp`.

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