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  Testing Required: Mosaic Pretrace and Abort-Continue  
From: clipka
Date: 12 Jun 2017 15:33:04
Hi folks,

examining some mosaic pretrace related code, I've come across some stuff
that looks fishy to me, and leads me to suspect that abort-continue may
not work properly under /some/ conditions when mosaic pretrace (`+spN`
and `+epN`; not to be confused with radiosity pretrace) is used.

I have a hunch that abort-continue might result in bogus results for
/some/ combinations of mosaic pretrace and anti-aliasing settings.

I /think/ the problematic case would be when `+spN +ep1 -a` with N>1 is
used, i.e. mosaic pretrace starting from any resolution and ending at
full resolution, with no anti-aliasing; but I'm not sure whether it'll
actually go wrong, and/or whether other cases might also be affected.

Anyone have time to give this some thorough testing?

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