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  Re: installer POV-Ray 3.7 beta 38 issues  
From: Darren New
Date: 1 Aug 2010 03:42:43
Chris Cason wrote:
> I'd agree this probably isn't desired behavior, there is probably a way
> stop Windows doing this 

Quoting from earlier in the thread:


"In “per-machine” installations, user data must be writte
n at first run and 
not during the installation."

Does this mean that creating the My Documents files during first run woul
be a better way of working it? You could always create the defaults in th
Program Files (or whatever) directory and copy them if they don't exist. 

Would that keep them from being deleted on uninstall?

Darren New, San Diego CA, USA (PST)
    C# - a language whose greatest drawback
    is that its best implementation comes
    from a company that doesn't hate Microsoft.

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