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  Re: beta 30 Pause broken when animation rendering  
From: Bob Hughes
Date: 15 Jan 2009 02:32:40
Message: <496ee698$1@news.povray.org>
"SafePit" <ste### [at] reids4funcom> wrote in message 
> "Bridgeofstraws" <bri### [at] inboxcom> wrote:
>> However, I do know how to solve this! =)  All you have to do is go to the
>> properties of the "pvengine.exe" and under the compatibility tab you must
>> checkmark "Disable visual themes".  This hopefully helps.  Let me know if 
>> it
>> doesn't and maybe I can help further.  (I'm becoming fairly proficient 
>> with
>> fixing Vista compatability because of all the practice I get from using 
>> so many
>> "apparently" incompatable programs)
> Oddly, I remember doing this for Beta 29 but not for Beta 30.  I just 
> check and
> the compatibility option isn't check yet I'm no longer freezing with the 
> +KFF
> option like I did before.  I wonder if Vista remembered the old setting?

I wouldn't think so, not since you must uninstall before doing a 
reinstall... but I sure don't know about all that for sure.

I recall that trick to disable themes for whatever reason (been so long 
ago!) but hadn't thought to try it. Doing so now only managed to make it 
possible to Stop the render and close the program normally, which I guess 
means something. No change about the Pause locking up permanently.
I noticed the timer and pixel count continues until stopped, and the menu 
bar blinks very slowly.
Compatibility changed to XP (SP2) and disabled themes only makes for a 
different appearance of the toolbar, unfortunately not how the Pause works 
so that won't help me. Will be a curious thing if it happens with mine and 
not other people.

Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.


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