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  Re: media & fog bug?  
From: bob h
Date: 9 Dec 2001 21:30:25
Message: <3c141e41@news.povray.org>
"Ken" <tyl### [at] pacbellnet> wrote in message
> Kevin Ellis wrote:
> >
> > Is this a bug with media containers and fog, surely the following scene
> > should render the same for all possible combinations of FogSw,
> > 0, due to media being totally transparent, adding fog seems to be the
> > culprit
> I am pretty sure that this falls into the "not a bug" category. I know
> this problem was present in v3.1g and have seen someone suggest a work
> around for it. I just can't seem to find the article in question at the
> moment.

If you're talking about using larger than 1 for transparency then it isn't
really possible to get a correct result, esp. not in every situation.  I
tried the script and with rgbt 1.6 for the box media container the plane is
approx. the same color as without media.  The fog becomes enhanced too
though.  If a filter value which matches that of the box is used in the fog
color then the original coloration appears.
text{ttf"arial","bob h",.1,0pigment{rgb 9}translate<-1,-.2,3>}

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