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From: Shuffle
Date: 11 Dec 2018 07:40:00
Message: <web.5c0faf02d92cc4c3f5ae96220@news.povray.org>

I have an animated scene where parsing time is extremely long because of huge
image maps (over 20000x20000 for the final render, although I use "lowres"
4000x4000 for previews)

I preview the animation with the "+RTR +KLA" combo, and it's working good.

(You can skip from here to the last paragraph if you do not want the whole
story, but I tried to explain what I did and compile what I could find for
future reference)

Problem arises when trying to actually output the rendered images: +KLA alone
does not seem to work (+RTR alone does alright, for the record).

A quick search brought that thread:
>> http://news.povray.org/povray.beta-test/thread/%3C4c35f934%40news.povray.org%3E/
Where Thorsten Froehlich answers that "POV-Ray does still need to know how many
frames to render"... So I tried +KFFxxx, to no avail. :-(

I dug the documentation and found the feature's doc :
>> http://wiki.povray.org/content/Documentation:Windows_Section_1#Clockless_Animation
It basically says nothing else that "thou shalt define several cameras" and,
perhaps more importantly, "the number of frames shalt be the number of thy
cameras". Back to square one, then...

Then I found this very interesting thread about UberPOV:
So there might be a possibility to do what I want, or something close enough, by
defining #persistent image maps, but I would prefer to stick to vanilla POV and
not change my scene too much (it's already complicated enough :-/ )

So, my question is the following: is there currently a way to use +KLA without
+RTR and if so, how? If not, can it be done without too much hassle?

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