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  Re: How to fix texture to moving part  
From: MichaelJF
Date: 7 Oct 2013 20:50:00
"Janc" <jan### [at] telefonicanet> wrote:

> Hi! Michael.
> Thanks for your help, but it was a problem of copy and paste, I missed the last
> }.
> Any way, povray should refuse to work if there is a lost }

Usually it does. But in some cases the placement of the brackets determines the
structure the transforms are to be applied. Textures can be transformed as well
as objects. So if you have a transform (like rotate, translate or scale or the
totally confusing matrix transforms) within a texture, it will be applied to the
texture and not to the object which the texture is to be applied.

> cylinder{
>     <0, 0, 0>, <0, 50, 0>, 1
>     texture{Rust scale 10 finish{roughness 100 ambient 0.2 } }
>     rotate Ang*z // Ang = tilting degree
> }

In this case the rotation is applied to the object (the cylinder) and not to the

Best regards,

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