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  Re: Post_Frame_Command trouble  
From: CAD-Andi
Date: 27 Oct 2010 17:25:02
I just found out a little more about my problem.
I was able to run the following line in my ini file successfully:


Then I want to give the current filename %o as an option to my script like this:

Post_Frame_Command=test.bat %o

Now my test.bat file want's to start (that means C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe
window opens, but remains black and does not seem to execute the batch file

Immediately after that it opens the picture that povray just rendered in
IrfanView (which is my preferred Image viewer on XP)
Opening IrfanView is not part of my test.bat script.

It seems like as if povray invoced a second cmd task running only the picture
file name %o which causes XP to open the appropriate program to open it (In this
case IrfanView).

It seems like Povray does not hand %o over to test.bat as an option.
I tried all kinds of possible and impossible syntax variations, all without

Is this a bug? Can anyone help?


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