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  Re: passing variable to macro for use in #for statement  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 20 Sep 2018 14:10:01
clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:

> If however you just pass the variable itself (rather than its name),
> then the following should work fine:
>     #macro Loop (Var, Begin, End, Step)
>       #for (Var, Begin, End, Step)
>         ...
>       #end
>     #end

>     #local Fnord = 42;
>     Loop(Fnord,0,10,2)
>     #debug concat("Fnord is now ", str(Fnord,0,0), "\n")

Hmmm.   yes, that will work just fine.... in most cases...

Though I'm trying to only /initiate/ a loop with the macro - so the #end of the
for loop is what I need to avoid at the present.
I have not yet figured out if there's a syntax trick that's possible.

like so:
     [loop contents NOT in macro]

> Also reasonably clean would be the following construct:
>     #macro FormatKeyword(Format)
>       #if (Format = "png")
>         png
>       #elif (Format = "jpeg")
>         jpeg
>       ....
>       #end
>     #end
>     #declare Format = "png";
>     image_map { FormatKeyword(Format) "foo.png" }

Right - o.  That'll be great.   Especially since I can just use a string
function to look at the extension of the filename and avoid the declare
altogether.   :)

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