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  fade_distance for intensity specified in Lumens  
From: Mr
Date: 4 Oct 2017 11:55:00
Hi, In order to create good lamp presets for Blender exporter I am trying to set
up a few example light sources and chose to use the lumens value as light
intensity multiplier, so that the relative power of every light has the proper
order of magnitude.
Chosing 1 candle at 12.57 lumens and a 100w tungsten lightbulb around 900/1000
lumens, then 250W halogen is already burnt with at least 5000 lumens, not to
mention the 1000w high pressure sodium... I need to compensate these high values
with a very low fade_distance such as 0.0000025, right? but then candle  or 40w
get blacked out, or is there any other parameter to use?
I don't belive I could use different fade values otherwise all proportions will
be lost, won't they?

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