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  Re: moray animation-exporting to povray  
From: John D  Gwinner
Date: 11 Mar 2008 22:22:12
Message: <47d74c64$1@news.povray.org>
I've done the latter a lot - there's a couple of plugins that let you export 
blocks of script, and I put most of the clock logic in there.  This allows 
me to edit the scene visually for the most part, and then export the 

Of course, scrubbing doesn't work with this method :(

           == John ==

"Arne Kleinophorst" <kle### [at] spamdebitelnet> wrote in message 
> No, you can't export the animation.
> The Plugin handles the animation, and changes the value so it's on 
> moray-side and not on povray-side. It's not done the povray-way with the 
> clock-variable but the values are changed directly.
> Sorry, for the answer but thats the way it is. You could, if you are 
> willing to spend the time, rewrite the animation in the exported pov-file. 
> This could be useful if you have a large scene with limited animated 
> objects. But i see no way to export the animation.
> Greets
> Arne

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