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From: Lutz Kretzschmar
Date: 17 Jan 2007 01:16:57
Hi Lawrence W, you recently wrote in moray.win:

> I'm frustrated.  All I want is for Moray 3.5 to output code that'll operate
> within spec for Povray 3.7.  I simply can't get enough of Moray, and to
> actually see the speed differences between Povray3.5 and the
> multi-processor/core aware Povray3.7 is like touching a god's soul.  ...
> Okay, imagery aside, I'm just so pissed from trying to get Moray3.5 to
> output code without the silly parse errors springing up like crickets in
> the night.  *sigh*
> That's all I have to say.  Better output to Povray.  Obvious, but I wanted
> to say it.

I understand the frustrations expressed by the posters in this thread,
I am not oblivious to them. And it pains me to have had Moray come to
a standstill too....

I still did not see any specific problems listed that POV-Ray 3.7 has
with the output from Moray V3.5. Unfortunately, I haven't kept up with
POV-Ray development, but are POV-Ray V3.7 scene files not compatible
with POV-Ray V3.5 scene files?

- Lutz
- Lutz
  email : lut### [at] stmuccom
  Web   : http://www.stmuc.com/moray

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