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  Re: Still using Moray DOS  
From: Lutz Kretzschmar
Date: 25 May 2000 04:24:52
Message: <cpopis86ak499bth2hiup69hbqj4j9qhbn@4ax.com>
Hi Peter Popov, you recently wrote in moray.dos:

> As my Unix guru says, "Programming under X is like taking a square
> root of pi in Roman numerals." :))
Hehe, ouch! There are a number of toolkits (Qt, GTK+, KDE and others)
that make life a bit easier, but not nearly as easy as hooking into
STL or MFC under Windows.

- Lutz
  email : lut### [at] stmuccom
  Web   : http://www.stmuc.com/moray

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