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  Re: for that one other person...  
From: Ian Burgmyer
Date: 10 Jun 2001 23:41:00
Message: <3b243dcc$1@news.povray.org>
"Ken Matassa" <kma### [at] pacbellnet> wrote in message
news:3AC### [at] pacbellnet...
> Glad to here you're not having too much trouble with win2k. I understand
> that it is a lot more stable than previouse win encarnations. I have
> alot of other issuse with MS that contribute to my desire not to use
> thier products.

Win95 sucks, Win98 doesn't suck as bad, WinME is terrible, WinNT is nice,
Win2K is awesome.

I don't know about WinXP, but it's looking pretty promising (minus the
backwards compatibility).

I love Win2K...I don't even use Windoze 98 anymore (in fact, I might just
convert it to FAT16 and make it a DOS 6.22 partition...or perhaps Linux?)

> I have been using Linux for about a year and a half noe at work, So have
> enough expereance to be at ease with it. I have my Linux box up and
> running with Caldera 2.4 and have had no problems. I just need to get
> email properly configured, I will retire my DOS box to side use. My
> Linux box has swapable hard drives so I can use different OS's without
> haveing to duel boot. I will eventualy get a drive for Win 98 so I can
> use such thing as Poser.

Don't use Win98, for your sake.  Unless you have simplistic hardware, it
WILL crash.  Get Win2K if at all possible...it'll save you a LOT of trouble!


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