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From: Dearmad
Date: 20 Dec 2001 01:24:55
Message: <3C218531.8CA66258@applesnake.net>
Ian Burgmyer wrote:

> What do you prefer, Hash or Moray?

Well, for the large-scale animation I'm working on- I had to
go with Hash.  I wanted the characters to animate better
than my system (or any other out there for POV or POLYRAY)
allowed.  I didn't want to spend years working on an
animation interface for POV either, as story-telling was my
focus, and while I'm OK at math... I'm not any natural at
it.  The nature of modeling in Hash is a lot like Rhino or
Spatch, only you don't deal with patches per se but the
splines which define them.  Not much different though.

Also, the renderer in Hash (aside from the the modeling
comparison you've asked about) while apperently slammed by
"professional" critics has a lovely softness to it that I've
fallen for.  The texturing system in Hash isn't as
well-bahaved IMO as POV/Poly allows, but I've managed to get
it to where I want it.

I rendered three golden balls one in AM the others in POV
and Polyray and really tried to attune them so they were
about "equal" (imposible I know) and the way the sphere
looked in AM just inspired me.  At that point I was debating
what to use for the animation, and that won me over.  So
I've relearned to model using splines and now am deep into

However, Moray/Poly/POV and all that are on my HD and get
used occasionally- for mathematical rendering POV/Poly can
not be beat- Hash doesn't even have the facility!  So a few
things like clouds slowly blowing by in the breeze defined
by some animated mathematical texture I turn to Poly.  Or if
I want scatter a few thousand objects randomely- um Hash
might choke on it- but Poly uses an obscenely small amount
of memory and thousands upon thousands of objects is not out
of the question...

> > EGADS this post was somewhat ON TOPIC! :)
> *thwaps Dearmad* You are eeeeeevil!!!


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