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  Re: Glad to see others here.  
From: Ken Matassa
Date: 20 Jun 2000 00:07:12
Message: <394EE63F.F90@pacbell.net>
> Hey, dual-boot!  I have a very stable setup here, and Windows (or in >your case,
DOS) will never know that Linux exists, which is a Good Thing >(tm). from what I


> I'd like to conclude this long line of babbling with a suggestion.  Get
> Linux.  You won't regret it.  And also, keep a DOS partition, that way >you can
still use apps like Moray while being immersed in the power of >Linux. One thing to be
weary of are driver problems.  For instance, I >have to go on the net with Windows
because Linux doesn't work with my >modem (which, believe it or not, is NOT a WinModem
and actually used to >work, but stopped for some reason).
> Adios!

I started to install Linux on my home system, olny to find that my bios
only supports hard drive up to 512 meg! Looked into upgrading the
rom-bios. Turned out to be a can of worms I didn't want to open. For
info, my system is:

486 DX/66, 93', AMD bios, 64 meg ram, VISa localt bus.

So you see, I have to build a new system before I can use Linux at home. 

Ken Matassa

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