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From: Warp
Date: 14 Jun 2000 04:03:11
Message: <39473c3e@news.povray.org>
Ken Matassa <kma### [at] pacbellnet> wrote:
: Yea, DOS does have its problems. but unlike Windows, when something
: crashes, the "Three-finger-Salute" does wonders with out having to worry
: about lossing things.

  Except if the program was writing something (and DOS was updating the FAT),
which can sometimes have disastrous effects.

: I realize the X environment still leaves something to be desired, but it
: is open source.

  The "problem" in UNIX is that it's not made to be user-friendly, but to
be efficient.
  The problem with Windows is that it's not made to be efficient, but to
be user-friendly.

):5;i&&_>1;printf("%s",_-70?_&1?"[]":" ":(_=0,"\n")),_/=2);} /*- Warp -*/

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