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From: Ian Burgmyer
Date: 14 Jun 2000 01:32:05
Message: <394718d5@news.povray.org>
"Ken Matassa" <kma### [at] pacbellnet> wrote in message
news:394### [at] pacbellnet...
> It's good to see that my last post in this group generated some
> activity.
> In responce to some of the comments:
> Yea, DOS does have its problems. but unlike Windows, when something
> crashes, the "Three-finger-Salute" does wonders with out having to worry
> about lossing things.
> I am the "System Administrater" for a Linux WEB host, and after playing
> with it as well as both Win95 and Win98 boxes in the same office, I can
> say without hesitation that once I make the change to Linux, I will
> never look back.
> I realize the X environment still leaves something to be desired, but it
> is open source. I've been looking at the problems associated with
> programing under Linux and X, and, yes, it is daunting. But then that is
> always the case when exploring a new world.

Hey, dual-boot!  I have a very stable setup here, and Windows (or in your
case, DOS) will never know that Linux exists, which is a Good Thing (tm).
However, Norton Utilities doesn't seem to like the changes to the MBR, but
if you install it after you install Linux, you shouldn't have a problem from
what I understand.

You'll probably find Linux very good at home as well as in the office.

Oh yeah, about the three-finger-salute in Windows...don't worry about it.  I
think Windows was designed to crash, so it doesn't get affected at all.
Hell, I've uncleanly rebooted over six times today and I'm not having any
problems, other then the crashing.  ;-)  Then again, I'm luckier then many
Windows users (unless it comes down to Partition Magic, which can be read
about in povray.off-topic).

I remember using Moray for DOS...that was the one thing that started me up
on POV.  It's a very good and stable program.  Then again, the Windows
version is as stable as Winamp unless you have a rouge plugin, but that's
always grounds for a crash.  Anyways, enough of my drifting off topic.  :-)

I'd like to conclude this long line of babbling with a suggestion.  Get
Linux.  You won't regret it.  And also, keep a DOS partition, that way you
can still use apps like Moray while being immersed in the power of Linux.
One thing to be weary of are driver problems.  For instance, I have to go on
the net with Windows because Linux doesn't work with my modem (which,
believe it or not, is NOT a WinModem and actually used to work, but stopped
for some reason).


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