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  Glad to see others here.  
From: Ken Matassa
Date: 14 Jun 2000 00:19:56
Message: <39470006.1883@pacbell.net>
It's good to see that my last post in this group generated some

In responce to some of the comments:

Yea, DOS does have its problems. but unlike Windows, when something
crashes, the "Three-finger-Salute" does wonders with out having to worry
about lossing things.

I am the "System Administrater" for a Linux WEB host, and after playing
with it as well as both Win95 and Win98 boxes in the same office, I can
say without hesitation that once I make the change to Linux, I will
never look back.

I realize the X environment still leaves something to be desired, but it
is open source. I've been looking at the problems associated with
programing under Linux and X, and, yes, it is daunting. But then that is
always the case when exploring a new world.

Ken Matassa

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