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  Re: Still using Moray DOS  
From: Warp
Date: 24 May 2000 03:53:34
Message: <392b8a7e@news.povray.org>
Ken Matassa <kma### [at] pacbellnet> wrote:
: why do I? Because windows sucks

  That is, of course, true.
  The bad thing is that DOS sucks even more.
  The only good thing about DOS is the command line parser, but even that is
quite s***. Luckily you can get decent command line parsers for DOS, eg. 4DOS.
More luckily 4DOS works also under Windows.

):5;i&&_>1;printf("%s",_-70?_&1?"[]":" ":(_=0,"\n")),_/=2);} /*- Warp -*/

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