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  Re: Why is this board here?  
From: Ken Matassa
Date: 16 Nov 1999 23:57:55
Message: <383246CA.73F4@pacbell.net>
Ian Burgmyer wrote:
> I started the last three posts, and they were posted months apart.  Why keep
> this board?  It's a waste of space, since Moray no longer has a DOS version
> in the works.
> Then again, it's only 259K for everything. . .

Well, having no wish to infest my system with microsofts bug ridden
bloat ware, I still use Moray 2.5b. Once I complete the migration to
Linux, I will have to search for a new modeler, since Moray dose'nt look
as if it will be ported to Linux at anytime in the near future.

Ken Matassa

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