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  Newsgroup Dead??  
From: Aaron Singline
Date: 26 Jan 1999 08:07:14
Message: <36AEE676.3C38E50F@es.co.nz>
Is this newsgroup really dead or is everyone asleep??

I like the DOS Moray however never use it much these days.

Its too expensive for me to register.  Especially since I wouldn't
make any money by doing so.  It would just be a novelty.

Perhaps ye gods that write Moray for dos should do one of the

1) Release Moray for DOS freeware...
2) Make it cheap for non-commercial purposes.
3) Leave it as it is....

I prefer one and two... but obviously one is less likely.
I do recognise that they have worked hard on it.  But surely
"DOS" dead is supposedly dead... Now that the brightest
and brashest Win95 version is here.  I do wish companies
would consider trying to lower prices.

Yours poorly...
Aaron Singline
WEB-PAGES : http://ajs.freeservers.com
ICQ#/UIN  : 12445325

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