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  Re: Further DOS-development part II  
From: Nieminen Mika
Date: 5 Aug 1998 11:03:04
Message: <35c86618.0@news.povray.org>
Sean Tudor <no### [at] spamcom> wrote:
:>: I run a Pentium II 300Mhz with 128 MB's of ram and am more than happy
:>: with the speed under Windows 98.

:>  That sentence is really funny. Really. :D

: How so ?  Sure my machine isn't the fastest available but the speed is
: light years ahead of my old P233MMX.

  The sentence would make sense if you say something like "I run a 486 33MHz
with 8 MB's of ram and the speed is ok", because that says something _positive_
about the program. If you say "I run a cray 1000MHz with 4 GB's of ram and
the speed is ok", that doesn't say anything positive about the program. If
the program needs an incredibly fast machine to work, that's a negative thing.

: Of course you may like X-Windows/Unix but the majority of users have
: Win95/98/NT.  Not many people these days are typing in arcane command
: sequences into a command line.  Look at Macintosh's - they do not
: contain any form of command line.

  So they can't do any powerful file handling which is possible (and mostly
very easy) with a shell. With a GUI you are limited to the possibilities
of it: if the creators of the GUI didn't think about a feature, you can't
do anything to get that feature. With a powerful shell script language you
can do almost anything, because it's like a programming language: If there
isn't the feature you want, you just make a script that does it. For simple
tasks you use the mouse, for complicated tasks you write a command or a
script. So you are not limited.

                                                              - Warp. -

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