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  Re: Further DOS-development part II  
From: Nieminen Mika
Date: 1 Aug 1998 09:45:53
Message: <35c30e01.0@news.povray.org>
Sean Tudor <no### [at] spamcom> wrote:
: I run a Pentium II 300Mhz with 128 MB's of ram and am more than happy
: with the speed under Windows 98.

  That sentence is really funny. Really. :D

: In fact I would say a good 90%+ of users are now using some form of
: GUI whether it be Win31/95/98/NT or Unix/Linux/X-Windows.

  Moray is not available for win31/unix/linux/X-windows.

: DOS can't be supported forever - Microsoft certainly no longer
: supports DOS.

  That's not entirely true. They have developed dos a bit since dos6.22
(long filename support under windows, slightly better command.com, etc).
  It's true that micro$oft is trying to drop the command line based prompt
from the OS, and I think that's a big mistake. I really like unix and
X-window because it doesn't try to substitute the commmand prompt but it
supports and strengthens it, ie. it gives more power and more flexibility
and a very verstaile GUI to the command prompt (although it's possible to
use X entirely without it). There are many things that are relatively easy
to do with a good shell script, but are almost impossible to do with a
GUI. I think zsh+X is much more powerful than command.com+win95.

                                                              - Warp. -

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