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  Re: Further DOS-development part II  
From: Sean Tudor
Date: 30 Jul 1998 04:23:22
Message: <35c01e46.35153715@news.povray.org>
On Mon, 15 Jun 1998 16:47:03 +0200, Alexander Holik
<ale### [at] pfeilheimsthacat> wrote:

>If Windows would be programmed more hardware-near you could run it on a i386
>delivering the same performance than it does now on a Pentium with 64Megs of
>RAM. So how's it possible to make any program under Win95 hardware-near if the
>System itself isn't??? Perhaps I own a special computer, but my Moray for DOS
>is considerably faster than the Win-version?!?!?! Besides, even Povray for
>Windows is a cripple (You ever made a comparing benchmark between the DOS- and
>the Win-version?)
>Have a look at the Amiga-Platform or Linux if you want to experience real
>efficient programming.


I run a Pentium II 300Mhz with 128 MB's of ram and am more than happy
with the speed under Windows 98.  You have to realise that eventually
there won't be DOS support anymore and everything will be running
under a GUI.

In fact I would say a good 90%+ of users are now using some form of
GUI whether it be Win31/95/98/NT or Unix/Linux/X-Windows.

DOS can't be supported forever - Microsoft certainly no longer
supports DOS.


Sean Tudor
Sydney, Australia
This is my cannon, this is my gun
One is for bandits, and one is for fun
vicious at magna dot com dot au

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