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  Re: Wow, this board IS dead.  
From: Ken Matassa
Date: 5 Jan 2000 23:48:13
Message: <12D4424E.234D@pacbell.net>
Ian Burgmyer wrote:
> Ken Matassa <kma### [at] pacbellnet> wrote in message
> news:37E### [at] pacbellnet...
> > (Not wanting to infect my system with later versions O
> > Microsoft's bug ridden bloat ware, I have fortunatly missed the Win
> > 95/98 experiance.)
> I'm still wondering how you can know that Windows 95/98 is bloatware and a
> piece of crap if you've never tried it on your own systems.  I've had the
> same views with it, ya know, running DOS and Win3.1, until I saw that it ran
> better on my system then it did on my dad's.
> Just for the note, I had a malfunctioning 486 DX2 80 (it was accidentally
> overclocked for over three years) and Windows 95 worked perfect, even in
> turbo mode, and on a 486 DX4 100 (they are BOTH AMDs), it was working O.K.,
> but not perfect.
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I have experiance with both Win95 and Win98 at work, as well a slots of
input from others who use one or the other, incuding both my dad and
sister. (Just got back from visiting them over New Year's in nother
Califonia.) My experiance has been tha Windows locks up if you look at
it cross eyed. My system at home is a 486 DX-2 66 with 64 mg og ram. I
am getting ready to put Linux on it.

Ken Matassa

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