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From: Andrey K 
Subject: Re: The ice is broken...
Date: 1 Jul 2007 23:10:01
Message: <web.468833043789bf9b8123242a0@news.povray.org>
First of all, I wish to say thanks to Steve for his work and energy. I hope,
on the next competition will be match more entries (on my own too - I should
found enought time).

So, Thanks Steve.

What about to speak with POV-TEAM and somebody from past IRTC-TEAM for
placing on Irtc.org and, probally, on Povray.org pages link to
competition`s page? I think - peoples, that looking for IRTC (or PovRay)
may not known about IRTC-grandchild.

And what abount to placing on competition`s page back link to this


P.S. Sorry for my english language.

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