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  Re: So, what are we gonna do?  
From: Mike the Elder
Date: 1 Mar 2007 12:30:00
First of all, thanks a bunch, Steve, for doing a great job hosting the TINA
CheP round.

Secondly, I suggest we pick a fun topic for March/April straight away so
that folks will have plenty of time to work.  I'll toss out the "Before and
After" idea again because I think it would give people a lot of creative
options both technically and artistically, but another topic would be
welcome - as long it was named SOON.  If this is going to be an ongoing
enterprise, we will, of course, want to set up a method of selecting topics
that gives participants an opportunity to have input  and an opportunity for
discussion.  For the upcoming round, however, I hereby nominate ~Steve~ for
the post of One-Time-Benevolent-Topic-Dictator. (Seconds?)

Third, during the March/April round, we need to actively work to create an
ongoing system that DOESN’T heap all of the work on one person.  Plenty of
folks have volunteered to help out.  I would suggest that we begin by
assembling a list of specific tasks that need to be performed and obtain
volunteers for both a primary and back-up person to perform each one.

Also, I would suggest that we actively publicize our efforts by
communicating with the various online groups with an interest in ray

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far.

-Mike C.

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